Uranus, Genius, Awakening, Revolution

I will be presenting a webinar for Nightlight Astrology on March 3, 2016, called “Uranus, Genius, Awakening, Revolution.” If you would like to attend, the information is located here: Nightlight Events – Winter 2016. My webinar description:

Discovered in 1781, amidst the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, and the scientific revolution, and concurrent with the discovery of electricity, the planet Uranus was first seen when the world was experiencing radical change. What does this mean for Uranus in astrology? This “enlightening” webinar explores the nature of Uranus (known as “the Awakener”), with its ties to the scientific revolution; its mythic dimension associated with both the sky god Ouranos and the Titan Prometheus; and its place in our charts, with plenty of examples woven in, as well as a look at the Uranus cycle and Uranus’ current placement in Aries.

Uranus, Genius, Awakening, Revolution_600.jpg

Uranus, Genius, Awakening, Revolution

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